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At Calima surf we organize different types of summer camps for young people in the Famara Nature Reserve, in which we combine different sports for all those who want to learn about two or more disciplines at the same time. Do you dare to discover it? Do you dare to discover it?

We offer all summers (July) junior camps for children 13 to 17 years olds in the best place of Lanzarote with accommodation just 100 meters from Famara bech.

There are very good flight deals between Spain and Lanzarote, and for those of you who find it easier to fly to the Island of Gran Canaria, there are very good connections between the two Islands.

Lanzarote Surf based in the Canary Islands, specifically in the Famara Nature Reserve. It is a paradisiacal place and perfect for the development of outdoor activities with the best atmospheric conditions in all of Europe (between 20 and 25ºC in winter), which allows us to offer our facilities and carry out courses and camps throughout the year. for both young and old.

Every year we organize camps for young people between 13 and 17 years old at the Surf school in Lanzarote that we have in the Famara Nature Reserve. The environment is unbeatable and every year we try to ensure that children enjoy and give themselves to the maximum in both physical and educational activities so that they acquire knowledge and values in the funniest way that help them develop as people.

For all those who come from outside the Island you can stay for the entire month of July and completely free of charge in our incredible Surf House just 100 meters from Famara Beach where you will enjoy an unforgettable experience with the rest of your companions. . Boys and girls will sleep separately, with everything you need to feel like at home. Coexistence is a fundamental value to train our young people and we try to instill these principles in our students.

The surf instructors are certified by the British Surfing Association and the Spanish Surfing Federation, the kitesurf instructors are certified by the Federazione Kitesurf Italiana and the diving instructors are certified by the British Sub Aqua Club. In addition, all our monitors are certified as lifeguards. During our courses we teach the activities alternating between English and Spanish, in this way the minors can learn languages while enjoying our fantastic activities.

At Calima surf we organize different types of summer camps for young people and adults in the Famara Nature Reserve, in which we combine different sports for all those who want to learn about two or more disciplines at the same time. Do you dare to discover it? Do you dare to discover it?

There are very good flight deals between Spain and Lanzarote, and for those of you who find it easier to fly to the Island of Gran Canaria, there are very good connections between the two Islands.

children's camps

This year, learn English while practicing sports on the beach, like every year this summer in the month of July we will hold the most valued adolescent camp in all the Canary Islands, On the island of the volcanoes (Lanzarote) resident children and young people of all the cities of Spain join the Lanzaroteño camp specialized in boys and girls, day camp for teenagers 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 years old the best surf camps with accommodation on the beach.


Surfing: The highlight of the day, 4 hours a day of surfing with a ratio of 8 children per instructor, to do it as safely as possible. In addition, to finish we will have a championship among all the campers.

Canoeing, SUP and Windsurfing: We will skirt the coast of the capital of the island, having previously acquired the necessary basic knowledge.

Diving baptism: We will take advantage of the crystal clear waters offered by the Chica beach in Puerto del Carmen to initiate ourselves in this discipline.

Aqua Park in Costa Teguise.

Olympiad Calima: Different group sports games.

Hiking: We will do the Famara-Caleta de Caballo route and visit the volcanoes in the area.

Watergame: The water park of Lanzarote.

EscapeRoom: Test your wits.

Yoga: By the sea and with music, which will be for most their first contact with the discipline.

Workshops: We will build kites, miniature surfboards, t-shirt printing, photography workshop…

Animation and farewell party: In the camps for minors, our boys enjoy the surprises that we prepare for them.

Have you already been with us?

We love seeing our former students year after year. Therefore, we would like to do something on our part so that all those who have been to Calima Surf before can live an unforgettable experience again.

The camps include

no accommodation

with accommodation


  • South of the island and Timanfaya National Park. We will visit unique places such as Charco Verde, Los Hervideros or Las Salinas.
  • Arrecife, visit to the capital of the island.
  • Costa Teguise, with entrance to the Aquapark.
  • Grace Island.

Camp WITHOUT Accommodation


Camp WITH Accommodation


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Looking for camps in Lanzarote ? Then we invite you to discover everything you can do on the best island to enjoy your vacation. Discover true wonders of nature, endless nautical activities, the most exciting sports and everything in paradisiacal settings under the supervision of the best professional staff.

Why choose a camp in Lanzarote for your holidays?

When thinking about taking vacations we have a wide range of alternatives to take. And it is that in Spain there are so many places where you can have fun that you may ask yourself: Why choose to go to a camp? Well, there are many reasons why this is one of the best options you can contemplate for you and your family.

The camps in the Canary Islands, including Lanzarote, are a perfect destination to take a break. Especially in summer, but the best thing is that the climatic conditions of the area make it possible for you to enjoy a vacation at any time of the year.

What does this destination have to offer? Throughout the Canary archipelago, especially in Lanzarote, there are paradisiacal, idyllic beaches, volcanoes as well as all kinds of natural wonders capable of captivating even the most demanding.

You can make the most of all this with the camps, specially designed for adults, youth and children. You can book our activities if you want to learn surfing, or live the experience of learning about underwater life by participating in a diving school, or choose a multisport camp where you can practice all kinds of sports in the most natural and pleasant environment.

What activities will I be able to do?

The camps are full of varied activities, which make each day unique and special. Depending on the type of camp (for children or adults) there are different activities that take up most of each day. The beach camps provide an offer of sports activities like no other.

There are endless sports activities such as those shown below:

  • Surf school : learn to surf with qualified instructors who can measure your progress by personalizing your training. Whether you opt for a beginner, intermediate or advanced course, in one week of camp you could be mastering one of the most exciting sports you’ve ever tried.
  • Diving : The largest marine reserve in Europe is located in Lanzarote, making it one of the best places on the entire continent to learn diving. You can discover the largest biodiversity reserve in the Canary Islands by diving near thousands of endemic species in an indescribable experience.
  • Challenging water activities : including surfing, canoeing, kitesurfing, sup, windsurfing and other variants. The coast of the capital of the island provides the ideal environment for water activities that will test your resistance. These sports activities unbeatably combine physical performance with fun. Of course, you will receive the proper training to do it safely.

Summer camps for children

A summer camp for children is a great opportunity for the little ones to have fun. However, it is also an opportunity for them to continue learning, creating links and acquiring skills. Everything that an activity of this type offers them, and will also allow them to learn values such as responsibility, teamwork and autonomy.

What benefits do children and adolescents obtain by participating in our activities? First of all, being surrounded by nature brings great benefits to children’s mental and physical health. But also, while they explore paradisiacal environments and discover new experiences, their individual growth increases.

By doing our activities, they will not only be entertained having a great summer and learning a new sport, indirectly they will also have other possibilities…

  • Learn English : There is no better way to learn English than by combining learning with recreational activities. This year you have a golden opportunity for your children to learn English in a very effective way. Our bilingual monitors integrate this language, almost without the participants realizing it, when carrying out the various sports or recreational activities of the camp.
  • Discover an exciting sport : you will be able to live the passion of the Bike by riding our bicycles around Famara with the sun and the wind as your allies. They will also go hiking on the important Famara-Caleta de Caballo route, visiting the volcanic formations in the area.
  • Water sports : Our monitors teach small groups of children and adolescents the sports that are the stars of a camp on the beach. Among them, surfing, windsurfing, canoeing, SUP among others.
  • Teen Activities – For teens there is a world of activities with a little more excitement. For example, there are Paintball competitions, diving, workshops, yoga classes and all the water sports you can imagine.
  • Animation and farewell party : Children enjoy surprises throughout the camp. And for the farewell, a party is organized where they remember the best of everything they did during the week.

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Since 1996, in Lanzarote we enjoy teaching the true art of surfing. We are located in the Natural Reserve of Famara, an idyllic landscape designed by nature and made for surfing lovers.

Take a look at our wide range of training programs. And if you still want more, what better way to complete your surf training than with SUP, Kitesurf, Yoga or Diving courses?

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