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About surfing condition you can check the windy app in Caleta de Famara.

You still haven’t decided to visit Lanzarote? Well, here we will give you some reasons to do so. The island has such wonderful places that will take your breath away. Know all the places you can visit if you stay with us.

Timanfaya National Park

At the visitor’s center located in “Fire Mountains” you can enjoy demonstrations of the park’s volcanic activity. You will have the privilege of feeling the warmth of Timanfaya as a result of its characteristic volcanic activity. You will be able to take a deeper tour by bus or camel.

Jameos del agua

This is a show formed from the mixture of volcanic rock and water. One of the eruptions that occurred on the island formed the jameos inside a volcanic tube. The result was a phenomenal underground lake created by seawater seepage. This natural spectacle will leave you speechless.

Beach days in Famara

You can’t visit Lanzarote without enjoying the Famara beach, the best beach on the island with 6 kilometers long. This beach is perfect for water sports such as surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

A few meters from this beach you will find our  Lanzarote Surf school. In our accommodations you will enjoy an incredible family atmosphere and paradisiacal views.

The vineyards of La Geria

Do you love wine tasting? In La Geria you can get to know some of the most peculiar vine plantations in the world. You will also find a wide variety of wineries where you can taste their exquisite wines.

Watching "La Graciosa" from the viewpoint of the River Lanzarote

This small island is known as the eighth Canarian island and has an unparalleled charm and beauty. It can be seen from the Mirador del Rio Lanzarote. It is considered by many as the best place to enjoy a sunset. From Calima we offer visits to this island.

Jardín de cactus

In this garden you will be able to observe approximately 4500 specimens of cactus of about 450 different species. All these species are arranged in a circular enclosure designed by Cesar Manrique. The beauty of the place will surprise you.

La laguna de los ciclos

It is also known as the green lake because that is the color of its waters. It is located on a black sand beach covered by a brown mountain offering a true contrast of colors. The color of its waters is produced by the level of sulfur in them. It is considered by many to be the most picturesque place on Lanzarote.

Los hervideros

It is a cliff area that offers a unique spectacle. In its caves the ocean usually enters with enough force hitting and jumping in the natural enclave. Admiring the force of the ocean can be truly pleasurable.

Visit the "El cuervo" volcano

This is one of the most beautiful volcanoes on Lanzarote and one of the most entertaining. Not only can you go around it, but you can even access its crater without any risk. Inside you will find a spectacle of colour that you will not forget.

Las salinas del Janubio

It is made up of square and rectangular shapes of various vibrant colors sprinkled with salt. Appreciating a sunset in this place will be a wonderful experience because that is when the colors shine intensely. It is a very picturesque place full of a wide range of colors.

How to get to Caleta Famara?

The Surf school is located in Caleta Famara a small fishing village, surrounded by the “Parque Natural de Famara” where no hotels will ever be allowed to be built. Far away from the mass tourism, and surrounded by the wonderful “Risco de Famara” 600m high. We have 6 km of beach to teach you how to surf and kitesurf. According to the “Storm-Rider-Guide 98” we are the “European Hawaii”, with its mystical and volcanic extensions and its great variety of waves, from the classic perfect waves to the typical deserted beaches with olites to learn how to surf.

Reaching Famara from anywhere on the planet

Travelling to Lanzarote on a flight is quite easy due to the impressive offer of cheap flights that we are continuously finding from travel agencies and low cost flight companies.

Nowadays there are a large number of international airlines that offer cheap daily flights connecting Lanzarote with Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Norway and mainland Spain. In the PDF you can see all the companies that fly to Lanzarote depending on the departure destination. 

To make a price comparison of flights and routes we advise you to use Skyscanner is simple and fast and, moreover, it is free! Compare cheap flights and book your plane tickets to Lanzarote directly on the websites of the agencies and airlines.

We explain you how to get from the airport to Caleta Famara:

  • Taxi from the airport to Caleta Famara (the journey costs approximately 40€)
  • Rent a car (you can see the car rental options we offer on Lanzarote Surf)
  • Bus:
    From Monday to Friday: Take line 22 from the airport to the central bus station and then line 20 to Caleta Famara 
    Weekends: during the weekends the tour is a little longer. Take line number 23 from the airport to the central bus station. Once there take line number 3 to Costa Teguise and from Costa Teguise line number 3 to Caleta Famara.

In case you have any problems getting to our school in Caleta Famara, call us, we will tell you how to get there. We are waiting for you!

Since 1996, in Lanzarote we enjoy teaching the true art of surfing. We are located in the Natural Reserve of Famara, an idyllic landscape designed by nature and made for surfing lovers.

Take a look at our wide range of training programs. And if you still want more, what better way to complete your surf training than with SUP, Kitesurf, Yoga or Diving courses?

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