Surf brands that every surfer should know about

It is advisable to know all the best surf brands, so you can practice the sport with professionals. Let’s see more.

Surf brands to learn with professionals.

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The best known surf brands

We’ll start by talking about the best surf clothing brands. These are those that will offer us an authentic experience in the waters, having an incredible clothing in terms of aesthetics, but also comfortable when practicing the discipline. These are companies that, at the same time, have different accessories for the practice, so they have a really wide catalog.


We start by talking about Billabong. The company was founded in Australia in 1973 by the famous surfer Gordon Merchant. when they were the first to decide to manufacture the first innovative swimsuits, which used triple stitching and were able to withstand surfing sessions.

Billabong is one of the best known surf brands.

After 10 years they began to become synonymous with international surfing, establishing themselves as the surf brand of reference. You will immediately recognize its logo thanks to the four black and white waves. In addition, this emblem is present in surfing events, movies and on beaches around the world.

In Billabong you will not only find specialized clothing (such as T-shirts, shorts, swimsuits or even shirts), but you will also find accessories and backpacks. At the same time, its entire line of clothing, even that which is not suitable for sports, is inspired by this theme, so you can feel the authentic surfer experience and wear it wherever you go.


Here we are already talking about an American surfwear brand, which has a long history of more than 50 years. At the same time, its founder is credited with creating the first wetsuit, a legacy of innovation that he later passed on to his son, who designed the leash.

O'NEILL is a surf brand

This entire company managed to establish itself perfectly in the surf market, which gives you the opportunity to acquire quality products and innovative designs. In other words, not only do they remain traditional, but they are also constantly seeking to improve and use the best equipment. Your logo? A wave shape in black and white colors, showing that his interest is in water.


In this case, we are talking about Ocean Pacific, one of the oldest brands manufacturing surf clothing. It is especially useful for you to discover a wide variety of clothing, with a catalog focused on offering a good user experience, so you can see from swimsuits and shorts, all available in lycra and neoprene.


Are you interested in a brand specialized in producing surfwear? Then, you will be able to orient yourself towards the American company VOLCOM, where they manufacture the “purest style” for skate and snowboard, although they also achieve good results with what we know as surfer clothing, through bold designs and striking prints, all with a good quality of equipment.

One of the best surf brands is Volkom.


Here we have a company that is so famous that it went beyond just surfing into other areas. At the same time, if you have a surfing life and you haven’t heard about the Quiksilver brand, you probably haven’t explored it enough, as their brand is synonymous with riding in the water.   

Its founder, Alan Green, had the brilliance to create the short wetsuits. This is why this Australian-founded company is the ultimate men’s brand for high-performance athletes. At the same time, they are obliged to use the best equipmentto manufacture their garments.

Quiksilver is another well-known surf brand.

At the same time, we are talking about a kind of “multinational” that absorbs other companies, as it owns DC Shoes, Hawk, Raisins, Leilani and Radio Fiji. Its logo is the image of the crest of a wave, appearing with a snow-capped mountain, which was inspired by a Japanese landscape.


Another of the most important novelties of the last time, ideal to appear as an alternative to brands such as Quiksilver or Billabong. We are talking about an Australian brand that was one of the first to manufacture wetsuits useful for surfing. Their pieces are made with recycled organic equipment, while at the same time you can see that the designs are inspired by warm beach colors.

Stores are located in most parts of the world. Obviously, the main ones appear in Australia, but there are also many present in Europe, South and North America and even in South Africa. As it is one of the most popular brands in recent times, there are some stores that sell their products.

It should be noted that, in terms of logos, you must be very careful to locate the garments, because they have changed their image frequently. The most iconic is the one with the number 1, although it is also true that in 2004 they created one with the number 10, while in the latest update its image is a red wave, with the brand name in black.


In this case, we are talking about a company that stands out for offering high quality clothing with a unique style. Such is the importance of surfing that it has motivated large U.S. companies to diversify, offering different alternatives by designing, producing and marketing clothing and accessories for this sport. For example, we see that the sneaker manufacturer (VANS) produces everything from clothing to backpacks ideal for surfing.

VANS is a well-known surf brand in the Hispanic market.


In Hurley we have its founder (Bob Harley), who was only about 23 years old when he decided to start this company in the United States in 1970. It is a brand with a huge reputation, because its designs show the passion for the ocean, just like any amateur or professional surfer. The demand for Hurley’s clothing and accessories became so famous that, after a while, it was bought by the multinational Nike in 2002, thus increasing the prestige it already had.


Girls will know that this is a brand that has been on the market for 20 years now, so, some opinions describe it as a real company that revolutionized fitness, in the sense that it allows to see athletes free and daring. In the field of women, we see that they use colors and designs that they will like a lot, in addition to designing accessories, articles, footwear and also some fragrances based on sportswomen, such as Lisa Andersen or Sofia Mulanovich, without forgetting that there are also garments inspired by surfing.


Surfing may make you want to innovate in clothing. That is why this option will surely interest you, as it offers a cool style, where they managed to mix the everyday and the urban in a unique style of designs in which you can feel the art, music and surfing, in addition to garments that want to generate an inspiration based on local artists.

RCVA is a well-known surf brand worldwide.


Inspired by youth fashionsWe are talking about swimsuits that will appeal to all those who have ideas of freedom and progress, so each of their garments will be inspired by the idea of youth, with innovative designs and with a very friendly imprint with the environment.


If you do not want something strictly youthful and prefer to go for a much more serious and professional imprint, you may choose the high technology provided by this brand. It is an ideal option to buy your first wetsuit, as it offers the best quality, accessories and sun protection, with almost 50 years of experience making surf clothing.


If you are looking for an authentic Hawaiian experience, you might want to choose this brand. That is to say, through its garments it manages to portray the spirit of this water sport, so wherever you go, you will know that you will be carrying a piece of Hawaii with you.


Finally, we have a Spanish company that is also one of the most recognized in the market. The urban style that you will be able to wear all year round serves not only to give it an elegant touch, but also to be able to transmit the essence of this sport through sophisticated designs.

The best surfboard brands

We have already been able to know the best surfboard brands. However, it is also essential to have good criteria when choosing the company that will be in charge of our board.. We know that the first boards were created more than 500 years ago and in different parts of the world, although it was only at the beginning of the last century that they began to develop as an industry. Let’s take a look at the most important brands:


It is one of those with the most advanced technology and the best quality, even they also look at the prices, as they have an important criterion for anyone to be able to award their boards.

The best surf brands are Australian.


In this case, we are talking about a brand located in California, where you will recognize their products because they use some of the most cutting-edge technologies. At the same time, among its exclusives is the collaboration with Elon Musk in the launch of the Tesla Surfboard, which was carried out in its manufacture with a special carbon fiber and highly sought after by collectors.

At the same time, in terms of professionalism, it is one of the most prestigious brands in the world, having models that rank among the Top 10 best sellers. For example, we see the Puddle Jumper and the Lost V3 Rocket appearing. Also, in his team you will find great surfers like Tag Barrow, Carissa More, Mason Ho and Tyler Wright.


We are talking about a company that has won several awards. We know it is based in California, but it has become an international business. We know that the surfboards they manufacture are used by the best surfers around the world, while also receiving awards on various occasions, so it is an opportunity to step up and have the best of the best.


In this case we have to mention a Spanish brand, which also has a wide international recognition. Their boards are made by the most experienced shapers, so they are considered high performance. At the same time, their reputation places them among the most important brands. For example, we see that the Pukas Tasty Treat model was chosen for the category of the second best surfboard of the year.


Did you know that the famous Jason Stevenson decided to create his own brand of surfboards? Well, not only that, but you will also find their products that have the touch of other professional surfers. Basically, it manufactures a type of boards that are high performance, so the brand can be distinguished by its Tractor logo.

Australian surfboard brands are dominating the world market.


Some of the shapers with a lot of surfing experience wanted to enter the industry to start making good boards. They achieved this by making a combination of high-end equipment, being, at the same time, light and flexible; but also with a great hardness, since they combine EPS and Epoxy with other high-end equipment.

Among his most famous boards, you will find the FST, LFT, Timbertek and Helium. At the same time, they stand out for their innovative designs, as is the case with the Evo model, which is currently ranked first in surfboard sales. Also, something that distinguishes this brand is that they promote environmental care and their equipmentare 100% eco-friendly.


Another famous brand, as this one belongs to the surfer Al Merrick, although it is also noteworthy that some of the shapers with a lot of experience in surfing decided to join him to manufacture a wide range of models based on different styles. Adapted to your needs, there will be a model for each stage, while you will be able to innovate with original products.


Throughout their history, they have won best board of the year awards up to three times in a row. In this case, we have the famous Hypto Krypto model, which is one of their products that you will find in sports stores. However, they do not stop there, as they are innovators in Future Flex technology, offering innovation and functionality in their products. Among the most popular versions you will find in Europe are Holy Grail, Hypto Krypto, White Noiz and Plunder.


Here we have an Australian company that has the boards with which you can surf all the waves you are going to encounter when you practice. We see that there are different varieties: from longboards, to shortboards or twin. At the same time, the most popular models are the Aloha Black Bean, ideal for waves that are present on the Mediterranean coasts.

Aloha is a surfboard brand.


Another more than recognized Australian brand, which has the ability to stand out for combining the best features of two equipmentthat you can find in most surfboards: fiberglass and epoxy. This is why this brand is positioned at the top of the market, having as star models the Mini Twin Fins DHD. At the same time, he has great surfers such as Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore and Jack Freestone as part of his team.


In this case, we are talking about a company that bases its offer to beginners and advanced surfers. Its line of soft boards manages to incorporate an FCS keel system, which is why it is so versatile. The equipment used for its elaboration is epoxy, at the same time they have a sponge-like equipment coating (foam).


In case you are interested in a surfboard that can meet your needs and last as long as possible, we suggest the ones manufactured by New Surf Project (NSP) Surfboards. There we see that they have an excellent quality and price, as the company designs and produces hybrid surfboards, initiation, paddle surf and all with a superlative quality and equipment.


This American brand is known for having among its ranks the renowned Ramp board model. At the same time, we are talking about a board of about 30 years of experience in the creation of these models, which were able to develop the most resistant that you can find in the world.

Australia is a leader in surf brands


International prestige is important, something that can be seen in its creator, Clayton Nienaber. We are not only talking about history, but also about innovation, as it is a pioneer in SPINE-TEK technology. SPINE-TEK technology involves the appearance of a fiber reinforcement designed to ensure that the board has greater strength and durability, as well as increased board flex performance.

Its offer is varied and will include you no matter what kind of style you practice, so it is influenced from high performance, traditional short boards and even those who bet on a single fin or twin fins style.


In this case, you will be sure of durability and exclusivity, as each board is considered a work of art. They are ideal for you to learn to surf if you are just starting out, but also, if you are at an advanced stage, you will be able to stand out with specialized models.

Creative Army is an Australian surf brand


Once again we are talking about a creator: Dick Van Straalen, an innovative shaper who started surfing when he was a teenager, but now he has shaped his own boards. It is an eminence of 50 years of experience making surfboards, including paddleboards, longboards, guns, fishes, among others. Your best product? The DVS Skate made of EPS, carbon fiber and expoxy resin.


Finally, we are talking about a brand whose boards are oriented towards fast, radical and even a bit wild surfing. They are the perfect boards if you want to dedicate yourself to progressive surfing. Its most popular models are the Rainbow or the retro fish Evil Twin.

We have already seen which are the best surf brands, both for clothing and for the board. In the beginning, you will have to find out and try until you find the ones that best suit you. The important thing is that they adapt to your needs and, of course, to your tastes. 

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