Surfcamp for couples

If you and your partner are looking to do new and different things with which to continue strengthening your relationship day by day, surfing is a fantastic way to do it.

Couple's surf camp on Lanzarote

Enjoy an unforgettable vacation in the Canary islands

Can you imagine learning to surf this holiday, are you already a surfer and would like your partner to try it? In Lanzarote Surf we have an ideal and different proposal for you to enjoy together an incredible surfing experience.

We have a special program in Canary Islands designed exclusively for couples, where you can surf regardless of your level and you will stay in our surf house which is located just minutes from the wonderful Caleta de Famara.

Whether you are an experienced surfing couple, or just one of you has ever ridden the waves, or even none of you has ever picked up a surfboard in your life, the couples’ surfing program we offer at LanzaroteSurf will delight you.

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This is our partner surfcamp in the Canary Islands

1 week surf camp with accommodation

  • COUPLE'S SURF CAMP 388€ per person

    7 nights


We have private rooms for couples

Couples surfing is good for the relationship.

Yeah, it’s that simple. The surfing activities we have prepared are ideal to enjoy the waves with the person you are sharing your life with. Who knows if you are discovering a new hobby that you can share.

It is also true that in many cases it is only one of the members of the couple is that has practiced or practices with certain frequency the surf, and as it is normal in any sport, you would love to be able to practice it with your boy or girl. Do you want to sting the curiosity and turn him/her into a surfer? Well, I’m sure that with what we have prepared you will be able to discover why you are so passionate about this sport.

Some tips for couples, who are surfing for the first time

It is important that before you get into the sea, the first time you are going to surf, you have to take into account some advice and above all that you always listen to the indications and see the monitors.
In Lanzarote Surf school we have been teaching the authentic spirit of surfing for more than 20 years, so we know how to adapt to all levels and needs, during these years we have taught hundreds and hundreds of people, so if you don’t see yourself able to get on a board, count on us to get you out of there surfing.

One of the most important tips we would like to give to any couple that is going to start surfing, especially if one of them has experience and his partner does not, is that you have to have patience and respect for those who are starting. So even though the competition is healthy you have to work as a team to help each other and above all try not to take the waves away.

Finally, keep in mind that our partner surfing program is designed especially for you, regardless of your level, you can enjoy together taking the best waves as advanced surfers or the feeling of standing up on the board for the first time if you are newcomers.

For those who are starting out, you should know that our program is specially designed for you to progress quickly with classes designed exclusively for you and adapted to your level so it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner; because you will have a class adapted and made for you so that you can enjoy this experience in the best possible way.

Since 1996, in Lanzarote we enjoy teaching the true art of surfing. We are located in the Natural Reserve of Famara, an idyllic landscape designed by nature and made for surfing lovers.

Take a look at our wide range of training programs. And if you still want more, what better way to complete your surf training than with SUP, Kitesurf, Yoga or Diving courses?

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