Surfcamp in the long weekends or holidays

Spend a week in our international surf school that is different from the other weeks in our surf camps

Surfcamp at the weekends

We propose a plan on Lanzarote for this long weekend!

It’s getting close to the holidays and you are probably looking for a destination to spend these days. The summer holidays have been over for months now and there are still plenty of days left to enjoy the Christmas holidays. You are looking forward to disconnecting and want an affordable destination and an experience condensed in a few days but one that is enriching and will help you to renew your strength.

Then look, you’re in the right place! In Lanzarote Surf we have a special program to come and spend the long weekend in Lanzarote and do water activities as complete as kitesurfing, diving, surfing and everything else that can happen … yoga, hiking, windsurfing. Are you feeling the plan?

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So you can learn to surf this holiday in Lanzarote

Surfcamp for the holidays

  • 3 night in a private room SURFCAMP + 2 days surf lessons 1 person 290€ and 2 people 210€ per person

Pass the long weekend in Lanzarote,
just come and we will take care of everything

In addition to our surf school in Lanzarote and other water activities, we have accommodation near the beach. So if you come to see us you can stay in our wonderful surfhouse, which is just a few minutes walk from the beach so we can go surfing or do the activities you want without having to waste time transporting us from one point to another.

The advantages that the different low cost airlines have is that you can connect any place in the Spanish peninsula or Europe with the Canary Islands. Starting from this point, we try to offer a program as complete as possible: on the one hand we give you the accommodation (our surfhouses are great) and on the other hand we prepare a series of activities made to measure and adapted to all levels. So you can come and see us and enjoy this long weekend in Lanzarote surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing or whatever activity you want without worrying if it is your first time doing a water sport or if you are already an advanced or expert surfer.

Lanzarote surfing is located in a privileged place within the Caleta de Famara, here you can enjoy these days of holiday in the Canary Islands in a natural environment away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and also enjoy a pleasant and stable climate as it remains almost the same throughout the year. As if this were not enough, we have certified instructors to teach you any activity and water sport you want to do. We have been a surfing school for more than 20 years and you will be able to complete the sport of your choice with other activities such as mountain bike routes or hiking or yoga on the beach.

Don’t think twice, contact us and we will adapt to your needs and prepare a specific program for you to come and surf in the Canary Islands, but you will have a great time and we are sure you will not regret it.

This program is available in different national bridges in Spain as the bridge of Pilar, the Constitution, etc. but this is at the national level, if your country is a holiday and want to escape, you can give us a touch and adapt this program with which you can clear and spend a few days great.

Since 1996, in Lanzarote we enjoy teaching the true art of surfing. We are located in the Natural Reserve of Famara, an idyllic landscape designed by nature and made for surfing lovers.

Take a look at our wide range of training programs. And if you still want more, what better way to complete your surf training than with SUP, Kitesurf, Yoga or Diving courses?

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